Special Class

While I am working as a teaching assistant at TCU this semester, I get the opportunity to teach a few different lectures to the junior block of undergraduates. Next week, I am conducting an hour long session (within the 2.5 hour class) about different available resources available and how to be a critical consumer.

It wasn’t until I started preparing this lecture that I had a long opportunity to really think about it. I mean, really think about it. It is a bit concerning that amount of information that is available on the internet now days and how naive people just take it for word. I think that is my biggest conceern. Just taking it as is with no quetions asked.

For this lecture (very loose term), I plan to have the students go out and investigate the different resources themselves and report back to me what they found and how it can or even should be used. Then I am going to give them examples of activities that I have found on the internet and have them critique them as well.

I hope this will make them more aware of the things that are out there and how they can adapt them into the good tools that we know should be used for teaching children.