My personal teaching philosophy is to engage, innovate, and transform. Student engagement is key to furthering learning. I have different techniques of keeping the class active and engaged by sharing thoughts, quick writes, or facilitate active. No longer are the days of sit and get, active engagement for learning is an important part of the educational system. I engage the community by working with local school districts, as well as a specialized educational facility for fund raising. I am innovative as an active researcher that maintains an active interest in journals and conferences centered on literacy. I use my knowledge to innovate my work with pre/in service teachers to deepen understandings of literacy and how to teach through authentic experiences and self-reflection. I use technology to aide instruction rather than see it as a hindrance. I transform students by leading students to add self-reflection as part of their daily practice in teaching. I am transformed by my students; their questions and wonderings make me want to become a better literacy leader and advocate.