Dallas World Aquarium

What a fantastic and educational way to spend the morning.  My four year old daughter and I headed off to Dallas one day last week to see the river otters.  My daughter has this fascination with river otters ever since her classroom had a river otter for a mascot.

It took us a few minutes to walk through the beautifully landscaped entrance to get into the building.  Upon entering we were immediately greeted by a Dallas World Aquarium employee ready to answer any question we had about the facility.  The penguins also greeted us with some flapping wings the closer we got to them.

The entire experience was very educational.  There were also a variety of animals there, not just sea creatures.  Everything from bats, insects, birds and fish were included. Each exhibit had interesting facts about each animal displayed through a touch screen.  Feeding times were printed in the map which made it helpful for us to move from one exhibit to another in time to catch each live feeding and Q&A session. More information about the Dallas World Aquarium go to www.dwazoo.com .